1 Year Introspective and August 2022 Look-Ahead

It’s been nearly a year since I released STUPIDHORSE 001, 002, and 003 on AB2. I was frustrated that day and wanted to make something fun, lighthearted, and stupid. One of my favorite concepts in life are beautiful things that can simultaneously look ridiculous, like how a horse can be stunning and majestic or lips-peeled full-bore-derp...

2INY: Sportsball edition is wrapped!

Thank you so much for your support! This drop saw 305 entries for 103 horses in the public shuffle, and 168 horses were redeemed via OATS Pass.

The Thursholderbot Staking beta is now live and accessible via My Stable!

Read staking-beta for more information.

A raffle is being held on August 16th for all users who have staked at least one horse and reached the 14 day staking milestone (once per horse). More horses equate to more raffle entries.

Prizes are as follows:
  • First raffle draw: Forest Folk #0142 + 100A
  • Second raffle draw: 200A
  • Third raffle draw: 100A

Award Winning

It's official!

2 tinyhorse

The newest iteration of tinyhorse. Combines the release and retirement methodology of STUPIDHORSE with the aesthetics and gameplay of tinyhorse. Released continuously with shifting rarities, starting March 2022.


A mass-minted series of 1500 horses on a 25 x 25 canvas. The fundamental game piece for horse racing with permanent rarity rankings.


The series that started it all. 315 horses on a 125 x 125 pixel canvas, released weekly with randomization via dice rolls and trait retirements.


Race HORSE, tiny, or 2INY assets competitively on Discord for the $OATS utility token. Experience one of the first P2E games on Algorand.


Learn more about the horse-iverse project, history, and team.