Thurstober Digital Studios announces a partnership with the Algorand Foundation for Q1 2023

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It's official!

2 tinyhorse

The newest iteration of tinyhorse. Combines the release and retirement methodology of STUPIDHORSE with the aesthetics and gameplay of tinyhorse. Released continuously with shifting rarities, starting March 2022.


A mass-minted series of 1500 horses on a 25 x 25 canvas. The fundamental game piece for horse racing with permanent rarity rankings.


The series that started it all. 315 horses on a 125 x 125 pixel canvas, released weekly with randomization via dice rolls and trait retirements.


Race HORSE, tiny, or 2INY assets competitively on Discord for the $OATS utility token. Experience one of the first P2E games on Algorand.


Learn more about the horse-iverse project, history, and team.